View of the Eiger (North Face, of course) from our hotel (Bernerhof) in Grindelwald. Big shout out to Kim, the owner, for hooking us up with the best room in the place.

Delta sucks. Where's our luggage, Goddamnit? And bring up a case of beer!

With their luggage lost somewhere in the Swiss rail system, they embark on a last-minute shopping spree.

Romney's Harvard education has her better prepared with this outfit in her carry-on.

Thinking it might be the only attire for the entire weekend, they chose versatility over silly. "But that Swiss soccer jersey would have looked so cool!"

Welcoming spring in style

The hotel tracks down the luggage and the properly-attired and now official couple head up the Eiger.

This makes everyone very happy.

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And they lived happily ever after.